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For interviews or further information about Peace In Our Lifetime, please contact info at peaceinourlifetime.org or click 'Contact' button.

Emails: info[at]peaceinourlifetime.org

Skype: lynne.hazelden or marcia1073


Media Releases:

CURRENT & PAST - Peace in OUR Lifetime Media Release for 2010 & 2011

Sept 2009
Musicians unite and party for peace in London

International Peace Day Concerts In Second Life

Peace Parties Celebrate Global Ceasefire

London Parties For Peace  ~  Steve Balsamo

James Twyman adds his voice to a Global Stand for Peace




Radio Interviews with Lynne Hazelden Releases:

RADIO Interviews with Lynne Hazelden Founder:

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World Peace Day Events Interview:

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Our RADIO STATION: Planting Seeds for PEACE Radio

on BlogTalkRadio featuring Lynne Hazelden and Marcia Johnson interviewing:

(click first name for interview - second for their organisations website)

Jeremy Gilley - Founder of PEACE ONE DAY

Dawn Engle - Co-Founder of  PEACEJAM the Nobel Laureate initiative work with Youth, background

Dawn Engle - PEACE JAM on the launch of The Nobel Laureates 'GLOBAL CALL to Action' and their work

Michael Johnson  - Pathways to Peace founding community of International Day of Peace at the UN with Kate Cumbo, Programme Director PEACEJAM.

Jean Trudel - Preseident of Circle de pax with Marcia Johnson Co-Founder Peace in OUR Lifetime.

Nina Streich - Executive Director of the Global Peace Film Festival interviewed by Marcia Johnson with Lynne Hazeldem

Stephen Fanti - Director of PEACE DAY TV is intervied by Marcia Johnson wtih Lynne Hazelden

Dawn Engle - Co-Founder PEACEJAM on their new film 2012 The TRUE Mayan Prophecy with Mayan Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum and HH Dalai Lama

Support Quotes

Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate  ~ "I encourage everyone around the globe to recognize and celebrate International Day of Peace on September 21st. This is a day to honor all of those groups and people who work for peace everyday, all year long. I am a member of the PeaceJam Foundation and we are excited to be supporting Peace In Our Lifetimes' "Global United Parties for Peace" in cities around the world and the United Nation's annual global cease fire. Until everyday is Peace Day, it is important that we do all we can to create a safe and just world -- we owe this to children across the globe."

BETTY WILLIAMS is Acknowledged & Featured in the Amazing Nickleback's Video below  ~ Please Watch this!








James Twyman, 'The Peace Troubadour' and internationally renowned best-selling author ~ "I love the vision of this project and the creativity that inspired it. Today more and ever before we need to think outside the box and offer new ideas that help humanity see its own potential,“ said James, “This idea does all of that and I'm in full support."


Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, global leadership and cross-cultural management consultant, keynote speaker and award-winning author~ "We must do eveything in our power to bridge differences -- differences between people, gropus, or nations. Human initiatives like Peace In Our Lifetime are vital to our common future as humanity. I salute Lynne Hazelden and her colleagues, and it is my fervent wish that Peace In Our Lifetime become a global movement that will reshape the way we resolve conflict -- not by the sword but by standing in each other's shoes."






Julie Mann - The Habit Fixer interviews Lynne Hazelden about where PEACE in OUR Lifetime began. Here journey from being mostly bedridden to creating a global peace project whilst recovering from an Alergic Reaction in the small moments she was conscious. How the PEACE Certificate was created and why.

Christine Ibbotson interviews Lynne Hazelden, Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - PEACE in OUR Lifetime initiative getting to the bottom of her whole life. Lynne shares prettty much everything in a two part interview. She shares about the amazing journey that brought her to this point. Life as a Actress on films such as Star Wars - Return of Jedi to The Meaning of Life, Monty Python, Work on Television programmes such as Holby City, East Enders, The Bill and Judge John Deed. Standing-in on films and Telvision for Dame Diana Rigg, Leslie Ash and Joanna Lumley.  Continued with part two here

She shares about the seeming miraculous openings that led her to be Assistant Floor manager on 'The Secret Policeman's lll Ball', Personal Assistant to Nevil Bolt the visionary behind this and The Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday LIVE music event at Wembley and The Lennon Tribute in Liverpool.

How from this managed to end up working on staff, at The Hunger Project as a transformational coach to CEO's in Europe facilitating a Paradigm Shift in 1990 to launching pioneering new client/server technologies as Technology Relations Manager, Marketing, Sales for humanitarian, entrepreneur and inventor of CD-ROM technology Bela Hatvany.

Spent 9 years in her spare time training a European community to bring Courses for Families, Teens and Young people that inspire them to 'think for themselves, be empowered to see responsibility as a freedom and how to fulfil their potential.

Her life she says is a collision of life experiences that no one could have designed as a career or predicted leaving school with just a few CSE and O' level qualifications after loosing her mother at aged 12, which took her out of childhood innocence to rude awakening of the big questions of our existence and what is important. No one could write a movie script of such a life and imagine the events that forged this magical but challenging life journey and outcome. 

Latest Update:
Lynne now after 9 yrs of fighting for her life having been diagnosed with Breast cancer. Her mother, aunt and Grandmother all left us at around this age. So she is doing all she can to break the grip of the disease. Having spent nearly 10yrs having to lay down with pain, torrid and gruesome reaction to her mercury amalgam fillings she still struggles with. She was diagnosed as rare reaction by NHS Guy's Hospital in 2001 after biopsy in 1995. Find herself not being believed or supported until more recent years as it was stated at that time that only 50 cases worldwide in the last 100yrs were allergic.  The profound insights that came from isolation and generating possibility from nothing and the loss of her once productive life gave birth to a alchemy of ideas being clarified and the realisation that peace is here if we can only see it whilst noticing the birds out her window whilst not able to do anything much at all.

Her challenge now is to raise funds for her treatment as conventional treatment in the UK will not work for her and her NHS oncologist agree she is in a very difficult position. Not deterred after the cancer returned in 2011 in the reconstructed breast after mastectomy in Dec 2010 and now in the lymphs, Lynne has vowed to share her story openly about Kinder Cancer Choices and Nutritional Functional medicine that she feels, has kept her going all these years. Thankful to Robert Jacobs who is providing these for free now after not being able to afford them before she was diagnosed with cancer. Now qualifies for a grant. For Lynne, she says "After 10 yrs of learning, I have found nutritional support is vital. For me, it is like night and day" said lynne. In 2010 when i did not have money to get supplements i was just passed out for most of the day waking up dribbling, disorientated on her sofa or in bed again. It has been the biggest challenge to not give up hope and deal with the scepticism. Thrilled that European Council passed a resolution at last this October 2011 to eradicate mercury out of fillings and society.

Lynne continues to struggle with energy, resting, pain and memory problems that become extreme if she tries to do more than her body can tolerate. She has spent the short time she has mostly trying to stay focused on her hobby.. Peace in OUR Lifetime and concept. Inspiring others to take on the idea relying on good will and love. Everything has been done from the heart, involving no money. The artists who i know, their friends, facebook community and organisations have done the work.  Even the venue has been donated by The Bedford in London the past few years

Lynne says, she can deal with the pain, ulcers lesions, metabolic disorder, fatigue, cancer but the biggest challenge is loosing her mind and short term memory if she tries to do something more than her body can cope within those limitations. She was a top athlete competing in finals of Schools Swimming Nationals at 16, held a record for under 16's at her local swimming club for over 20yrs and selected to be in the first GB Women's Official Waterpolo Team at 21.. but not being able to rely on her memory, time space issues means working is impossible. She tends to be able to ramble her thoughts, but editing and making sense of things becomes difficult as soon as she over uses energy. So her way of staying connected and giving back to the world is this hobby when she can. She had to stop hosting the radio station from bed for which she set alarms and slept hours before so she could be present and be clear and stopped in 2010 and handed over to Marcia Johnson for many of these things. Marcia has been amazing but had to take time out for a while too. We are both back this year just seeing what is possible and going with the flow. Marcia has huge commitments in life and I am just taking each day as it comes. However, magic still seems to be with this inspired project so we follow the light.  Lynne finds that if she lays down 90% of the time, rests and sleeps for days and weeks she can have the odd day, eventing or few hours where she can be more productive and enjoy going out for a while and do things. But it is not sustainable. 

After travelling to Israel for Smart Bombing with Lipoplatin and encapsulated chemotherapy which has little toxicity she is now awaiting a PET scan on NHS to see if she can now do the Immuno-therapy Cancer Vaccine in Israel  (which the UK NHS once did but ran out of money and say is the future for cancer treatments) as soon as possible. Lynne who is now stage 3 with aggressive cancer says "It is like sitting with a time bomb".. Stage 4 Breast Cancer Patients who can have the preventative treatments such as Tamoxifen they say only 1 in 10 Live. So I am extremely grateful to my friends for fund-raising. We have another £18k to go and have no idea how to raise it but we will not stop until it is there.

Yes to Life Charity are supporting Lynne and you can donate via Just Giving so she can have this life affirming treatment. As of August 2012 there is a good chance of a cure if the funding is here. To keep up and support her you can join www.facebook.com/kindercancerchoices.

Meanwhile Lynne spends a few weeks each year focused on her passion and legacy to bring A Day of Gratitude & Thanks for the ordinary people who Are creating peace everyday. She believes that if first we can notice how peaceful we are it will become apparent that peace is happening and whilst there is work to do, that work is being done by billions of people everyday. Lynne is often heard saying, "We are celebrating the day humanity lay down our weapons by conscious choice on peace day each year. We are celebrating that 7 billion people did Not kill anyone today". The Peace in OUR Lifetime site says "We're all unique and see the world differently and yet, we are one voice standing together for peace. The peace certificate is offered for free. No marketing or registration is needed, we just wish to thank people give them something personal for life such they can stand as one voice freely and uniquely in their own way

Lynne is incredibly grateful to all who have supported her and wrote this message on facebook of thanks recently to you, her friends and those who have helped in even a small way.

In 2012/3 we hope that whole Cities will take this on. We are in a dialogue with one right now in the UK and hope that everyone will Thank someone in their life for acts of peace all year.









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