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Peace Day 2011 counting down to Wednesday 21st September!

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Hello and welcome to Peace Day 2011 newsletter - thank you for adding your voice to Peace In Our Lifetime and including your email so we can contact you.


"On this International Day of Peace there is a ceasefire. We are raising awareness and celebrating the day when we as humanity lay down our weapons by conscious choice.

All organizations can stand as one this day in gratitude and thanks. This will shift people’s attention to the difference we’re all making, thus reigniting the spirit of contribution. 
People will have no doubt about the difference that funding and donations have accomplished. This will restore faith in the good work being done. With the knowledge it works, people will contribute more time and money because they can actually see measurable results. Join us!"

For more information please click on the Peace Day 2011 tab. on
http://peaceinourlifetime.org/ Or, visit the below link to read how you can get involved:www.peaceinourlifetime.org/get_involved


We invite you to gather all those you love, cherish & host your own "Global United Party for Peace"


on Wednesday 21st September 2011 International Day of Peace

You can join in our PEACE DAY - A DAY OF GRATITUDE AND THANKS ~ hug, share, acknolwedge and thank everyone for all the acts of kindness, contribution for you, the community, world+ share outcomes ♥ namaste ♥ PEACE? Bring it on!

THIS PEACE DAY 2011.. You can..

♥ DOWNLOAD this POSTER in either A4 or A3 - <click size (right click save or file , save as)


PUT THIS UP everywhere you can! , School, Library, Supermarkets,  Community Services Centres or at work .. be creative? get the local paper to share. Why not blog, email or put it up on your website, fb profile and be a Peace Pioneer and ripple it out?    

♥ Take picture of where you put it and post it on our
PEACE in OUR Lifetime ~ I'm a Dreamer AND ~ We're Creating it NOW page with what country You are from along with the story about where you put it up! :D xx PLEASE share !

♥ Thank SOMEONE in your life, the fireman, the nurse or doc who saved your life? Carers? Teachers, Friends, Community support networks

♥ Ask others to add Their Voice and Collect their very OWN Personalised PEACE CERTIFICATE from our site
http://peaceinourlifetime.org/  FREE - *No email or reg needed

♥ You can thank someone in your community, charity, org local or globally. If You are a charity or business for good.. thank everyone for their support and share what you have all collectively created (as acts of peace all year)

♥ Use our event to raise awareness of the day. Create the same event on YOUR page, group and use it to raise awareness of your work for peace, kindness.

♥ MAKE a GRATITUDE Video you can share and we will put on our channel or broadcast on the day.. here>

♥ Have your own "Global United Party for PEACE" and .....

WATCH our LIVE MUSIC  all day worldwide from Peaceday.tv


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ARTISTS Confirmed>

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TONY LOWE ~ PIOLT Voice 0,000,000,005,692

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TWO SPOT GOBI ~ PIOLT Voice 0,000,006,886


PAT ORCHARD ~ PIOLT Voice 0,000,008,158

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JOE CANG ~ PIOLT Voice 0,000,008,180

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JEANETTE MURPHEY ~ PIOLT Voice 0,000,008,159

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♥ Send messages to us on  ( info at peaceinourlifetime dot org ) that will try show on under the live show thanking someone!


PEACE in OUR Lifetime in Collaboration with

PeaceDAY TV ~ Cercle de Paix ~ World Prayer Society
Culture of Peace ~ Pathways to Peace
Student Peace Alliance & The Peace Alliance
The Alliance for an Awakened Humanity ~ Love is All We Need ~

The Eaupening ~  WICO International ~ JUST GIVING




with Love

Lynne Hazelden, PIOLT Voice 0,000,000,001

Founder Planting Seeds & The Kind Foundation - Peace in OUR Lifetime Initiative,


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